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Are Bad Habits Hurting Your Back? Part 3

Your back plays a big part in your quality of life. It does a lot of work for you every day, and if you don’t take care of it, you’ll experience back pain. However, even when you think you’re taking care of your back, you probably have bad habits that are hurting it. That is […]


Are Bad Habits Hurting Your Back? Part 2

When your back hurts, it affects every part of your life. It’s hard to be comfortable whether you’re sleeping, walking, or sitting. Eventually, it can take a toll, and it usually just gets worse. That is why our Evansville chiropractic office is here. We know how to give you lasting relief. In our last blog, […]


Are Bad Habits Hurting Your Back? Part 1

As you go through your everyday life, you may be doing things that hurt your back. A lot of the back pain cases we treat at our Evansville office are not caused by accidents or injuries – they’re caused by bad habits. That is why we are going to take this time to share some […]


Why Skiing Can Cause Back Pain

January is here, and that means winter sports are in full swing! Whether you snowboard, ski, snowshoe, or more, it is your time to enjoy the clear, cold air and beautiful snow. When it comes to back pain, skiing is an especially common culprit. The required bent-over posture as well as sudden twists and turns […]


Be a Shoveling Pro Part 2

We are getting into the thick of winter, and that means snow, snow, snow! Shoveling Indiana snow is no easy task. Our snow is usually wet, heavy, and sticky. And there’s lots of it. If you don’t have a snow blower, you need to make sure that you are shoveling correctly. In our last blog, […]


Be a Shoveling Pro Part 1

Well, it’s December, and the snow is here to stay for a while. At Evansville Chiropractic, we see a  winter influx of lower back pain due to shoveling. Unfortunately, there is no way around moving the snow – it has to go somewhere! Some of us have snowblowers, but even operating one of those heavy […]

Get Ready for Shoveling!

As we approach November, we know that snow is on its way! If you are the one who gets to clear the driveway and sidewalk, you are heading into some solid workouts! At Evansville Chiropractic, we want to keep you in the very best health possible, so here are some exercises you can do to […]

Leaf Rake Without Back Pain

Fall is well on its way! The leaves are turning beautiful colors and will soon fall to your lawn, waiting to be raked. Raking is a great way to spend a crisp fall afternoon, but is also one of the easiest ways to hurt your back and lay yourself up inside. Follow these easy tips […]

Wear Your School Backpack Right

As you head back to school, your teachers will be giving you heavy textbooks. Add binders that get heavier all year and the fact that you’ll often carry them in a backpack, and you have given your back a Herculean task. It is easy to damage your back without realizing it at first. Additionally, it’s […]

Thyroid Condition Relief by Chiropractics

If you have hypothyroidism, a chiropractor can help you manage the symptoms of your condition. Spinal adjustment cannot treat hypothyroidism, but in partnership with hormone replacement, chiropractics can change the quality of your life drastically for the better. There is no reason to put up with inflammation, back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, or arthritis when […]

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