Be a Shoveling Pro Part 2

We are getting into the thick of winter, and that means snow, snow, snow! Shoveling Indiana snow is no easy task. Our snow is usually wet, heavy, and sticky. And there’s lots of it. If you don’t have a snow blower, you need to make sure that you are shoveling correctly.

In our last blog, we went over two great tips for preserving your back while shoveling: getting an ergonomic shovel and using the right form when you move the snow. In this blog, we will add how to pace yourself and more.

  1. Pace yourself

    • Obviously, shoveling the snow in small amounts over time is better than shoveling tons of snow all at once.
    • If you’re dealing with deep Indiana snow, take inches off the top and work your way down rather than trying to move the entire depth at once.
    • Take a break every time you feel overworked or every 10-15 minutes. One or two minutes of stretching your arms, shoulders, and back will do wonders!
    • We know chances are slim of this being possible, but you can remove the snow over a few days rather than all at once.
  2. Keep your feet on the ground

    • Things get slippery out there! Slipping and falling is one of the fastest ways to injure your back.
    • Make sure your boots have good tread.
    • Spread rock salt, sand, or kitty litter around to give you (and others) better traction.

Chances are that even if you follow these tips, you will experience some back pain. If it lasts more than a few days, make an appointment with us right away. We are here to help!

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