Get Ready for Shoveling!

As we approach November, we know that snow is on its way! If you are the one who gets to clear the driveway and sidewalk, you are heading into some solid workouts! At Evansville Chiropractic, we want to keep you in the very best health possible, so here are some exercises you can do to prepare for shoveling season!


  • We all know that we are supposed to lift with our legs, no our backs, but after an hour of shoveling, you can get pretty sloppy. However, the strain you will get from bending at the waist is makes these exercises very worth it! Stand with your feet together and move like you are about to sit in a chair. When you knees make a 90-degree angle, stand up. Make sure you use your stomach and gluteus muscles to stand up. 2 sets of 10.

Arm Raises

  • Stronger arms can only help! These exercises will engage your arms, shoulders, and your back, which all do a lot of the work. Hold weight in each hand in front of you, arms down in front of your hips. Lift your arms together until they are shoulder height and then lower them. You can also do this to the sides. Start light and work your way up. 1 set of 12 is a good starting point.

In our next blog, we will go over two more exercises that will be crucial to the health of your back and body in shoveling season. In the meantime, make an appointment with Evansville chiropractic and let us make sure you are in great condition today!

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