Everyday Tips for Helping Your Back – Part 2

As we said in our last blog, your back plays an integral role to pretty much everything you do in life. The good news is, it’s made of many different parts all working together, and when you take steps to treat them kindly, they will last you a lifetime. In our last blog, we discussed […]

Are Bad Habits Hurting Your Back? Part 1

As you go through your everyday life, you may be doing things that hurt your back. A lot of the back pain cases we treat at our Evansville office are not caused by accidents or injuries – they’re caused by bad habits. That is why we are going to take this time to share some […]

Auto Accidents (MVA) and Chiropractic

Within Indiana in 2011, there were over 188,000 motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) resulting in injury or damage to property. [1] As an auto-accident chiropractor in Evansville, IN., Dr. Eric Mitz sees a significant number of suffering MVA patients; whether referred by their lawyer, doctor, family member or friend, Dr. Mitz and his staff can help […]

Our Evansville Chiropractors Treat Pain

Summer is just around the corner. If you have been waiting for a reason to get active again, the nice weather certainly helps! Exercising is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps to keep both your body and your mind in top shape. Being physically active improves your quality of life in a […]

Top Rated Evansville Chiropractors

Chiropractic care was first established in 1895 by a man named D.D. Palmer. Palmer believed that the body should be treated as a machine that can be manipulated to help the a person cure themselves without the use of outside drugs. The profession had a rocky start but, after some medical lawsuits, chiropractors secured licensing […]

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