Are Bad Habits Hurting Your Back? Part 1

As you go through your everyday life, you may be doing things that hurt your back. A lot of the back pain cases we treat at our Evansville office are not caused by accidents or injuries – they’re caused by bad habits. That is why we are going to take this time to share some insights on what you might be doing to cause yourself back pain.

You have a really old mattress

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your mattress, it’s time to invest in a new one. We know that buying a mattress isn’t the most exciting thing in life, but it’s worth it. Studies have shown that people who replace their mattresses every five to seven years sleep far better and experience less back pain than those that keep their mattresses around too long.

Your bike needs help

Many bike riders have back pain, and it’s usually because their seats aren’t positioned correctly. We recommend you check with a local bike shop to ensure your bike is corrected well, but here’s some guidelines: when you’re seated, your leg should be able to extend all the way down with only a slight bend in your knee. You should be able to reach your handle bars with only a slight bend in your elbows. You can also tilt the front of your seat down 10 to 15 degrees to take the pressure off your lower pelvis. Studies show that this reduces a lot of back pain!

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