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Why Evansville Chiropractor Dr. Eric Mitz Recommends a Daily Multivitamin

The simple and inexpensive multivitamin has been vindicated, in a recent study. Multivitamins are known to reduce your risk of cancer and other diseases and disorders. In fact, if everyone took daily multivitamins it would save an estimated 48,000 lives per year!

Read the details of the study in the article, Daily Multivitamins Reduce Cancer Risk by Robert D. Smith, Ph.D.

Some consider it a chore, or at least a waste of money, to take a multivitamin. I always counsel my patients that a diet rich in non-GMO organic fruits, vegetables, and meats is the ideal. But very, very few of us, myself included, actually have a diet which is sufficient on its own to meet the modest established dietary requirements on a consistent basis let alone on a daily basis. This is why Dr. Eric Mitz, a top-rated chiropractor in Evansville, IN, recommends a multi-vitamin strategy to all his patients.

But, there is no magic pill! We carry many varieties of what could be considered daily maintenance nutritional supplementation based on the unique needs of our patients. Pregnant patients, the elderly, athletes, and children all require specific unique nutrition. Call our office to schedule a nutritional consultation today!

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