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Busting Chiropractic Myths

Don’t let misconceptions keep you from getting the care you need. If you haven’t seen a chiropractor before, you might be a little hesitant because of things you’ve heard or read. We encourage you to come visit us for an initial consultation. Let us answer all of your questions so you can decide for yourself […]

Chiropractic Care for Children and Adolescents – Part 3

In the first and second article in this series we covered when and why you might want to consider chiropractic care for children as young as seven, and what kinds of childhood injuries might benefit from chiropractic care. Today, we’ll review some problems that teenagers and young adults might encounter. Growing Bones Teenagers are still […]

Chiropractic Care for Children and Adolescents -Part 2

Chiropractic care balances the central nervous system by manually adjusting bones and muscles that may be growing improperly or have been damaged by injury. Given that your child is going to be growing well through adolescence, we don’t think there is a good reason not to consider consulting a chiropractor about your child’s development. The […]

Chiropractic Care for Children and Adolescents-Part 1

People often ask me if comprehensive chiropractic care is appropriate for or even helpful for children. There is so much misinformation available that they feel unsure about who to trust with their child’s wellbeing. This is a good question to be asking. Your child is growing. Their skeletal system is taking shape. Their bodies and […]

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