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Chiropractic Care for Children and Adolescents-Part 1

People often ask me if comprehensive chiropractic care is appropriate for or even helpful for children. There is so much misinformation available that they feel unsure about who to trust with their child’s wellbeing.

This is a good question to be asking. Your child is growing. Their skeletal system is taking shape. Their bodies and muscles are gaining memory about how to function – properly or improperly. And they are likely the most active they’ll be in their lives. What better time could there be to begin taking a holistic approach to their wellbeing and physical development? We think there is no better time.

Keep in mind, also, that chiropractic care for children of all ages is not a new practice. It has been an accepted, credentialed part of the education of chiropractors for more than 30 years. Since the founding of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA, Inc) in 1986, great advances in the practice of childhood chiropractic care have been made.

This is the first in a three part article exploring the benefits of chiropractic care for children and adolescents. This article provides an overview of why chiropractic care for children is important to their overall health. The next two articles will include more detailed information about integrating chiropractic care into the treatment for your child’s specific childhood illnesses, diseases, injuries and traumas.

 It’s never too soon to consult a chiropractor

Extensive studies about the safety and efficacy of childhood chiropractic care by the ICPA show that parents who sought out chiropractic care for a specific issue their child was facing, also saw improvements in their child’s sleeping habits, overall behavior and ability to focus.

 Maybe even more importantly, according to a study published in Psychology Today, chiropractic care helps to strengthen our immune systems. And with the world we live in constantly bombarding us with chemicals and other pollutants that attack our immune system, it can never be too early to begin preparing a good defense. Our immune systems are the key to having a long life spent in good health.

 Create a foundation of overall wellbeing for your child

Never forget that even when you are visiting your chiropractor in order to address a specific issue, what your Doctor of Chiropractic is actually doing is working to improve nerve system function, align the body’s bones, and ensure that your spinal cord – a direct extension of your brain – is in proper working order. It is because chiropractic care focuses on these foundational issues that it has such a profound impact on our overall health. This is why I believe so strongly that chiropractic care can and should be part of your child’s overall wellness plan.

 Check in with Dr. Mitz

If you want to further discuss chiropractic care options for your children, please don’t hesitate to call and schedule a consultation. I have more than 20 years experience, and in addition to being a Doctor of Chiropractic, am a licensed acupuncturist and fellow of the Acupuncture Society of America.

I work with the Indiana State Chiropractic Association on issues related to chiropractic care for newborns and pregnant women. And as a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, I am well suited help with sports related injuries and conditions.

The next article in this series will focus specifically on how chiropractic care benefits children from infancy to adolescence.

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