Exercising to Ease Back Pain

When most people hurt their back, the first thing they do is take it easy.

While rest is an important part of the healing process, it should only be a short term thing. If you halt activity long term, you can actually make the problem worse. Although exercising may be the last thing that you want to do when you experience back pain, it is an important part of your recovery. Studies have shown that people with chronic back pain who regularly exercise tend to manage their pain much more effectively than those who don’t. However, that doesn’t mean that you should hit the gym and start lifting weights. The following is a list from our Evansville chiropractor of the top exercises to ease back pain:

#1. Walking

You don’t have to do anything too intense to get your body moving, in fact, walking is an excellent option for people with back pain. Walking puts your spine in a neutral position and it is low impact.

#2. Swimming

Swimming is an aerobic exercise that will increase the blood flow to the muscles in your back and promote recovery. Swimming is a safe way to get your heart pumping, and water uniquely provides both resistance and support!

#3. Yoga

Studies have shown that people who practice yoga tend to be more mobile and have less back pain than those who don’t. Yoga is a great option because it involves stretching, balance and strength training.

Having back pain doesn’t give you a free pass to halt all activity forever. Keep your back healthy and your body active. It is important to note that you should always consult your chiropractor to find out which activities are right for you.

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