Do I Need a Masseuse or a Chiropractor?

When you’re experiencing pain and discomfort, it can be confusing to figure out who to visit for relief. Both massage therapists and chiropractors are dedicated to helping people, but you need to find a lasting solution. In today’s blog, we are going to explore massage and chiropractics in hopes that it will be easier for you to determine who can give you the relief you need.

Massage is Therapy

  • When you get a massage, you’re tending to your soft tissues, or muscles. This can help your nervous system and help correct spinal misalignment. Massage can be incredibly effective for many aches and pains – it isn’t just for pampering!
  • Keep in mind that masseuses are not licensed to adjust hard tissues, or bones and joints. They are not licensed to prescribe medication, either. However, they can suggest homeopathic and holistic treatments to boost the benefits of massage.
  • Massage therapy can improve the following: anxiety control, blood flow, skin condition, and immunity.

Chiropractic Care is Treatment

  • Chiropractics specifically address disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Chiropractors can order x-rays, blood work, and made medical diagnoses. They can also recommend exercises and may even use massage as part of their treatment.
  • Chiropractors generally go straight to the spine to make adjustments and bring relief to back pain and neck pain. They also address other joints.
  • Chiropractic care addresses the following: headaches, joint pain, tension, insomnia, ear infections, and tendonitis.

Knowing where to go when you’re in pain is important. If you are experiencing soft tissue troubles, a massage may be the answer. However, if you are unsure at all about where the pain is coming from, turn to your Evansville chiropractor. Give us a call today for an appointment!

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