Chiropractors vs. Osteopaths

If you’ve never heard of osteopaths, you aren’t alone. If you have heard of osteopaths and you think they are the same as chiropractors, you aren’t alone, either. However, it’s important to understand the difference between these two distinct areas of expertise. Though both target similar systems of the body and emphasize the spine’s role in overall health, they aren’t the same thing. In today’s blog, we want to look at some of the features that distinguish them from each other.

Where do they practice?

Chiropractors generally have private practices, much like Evansville Chiropractic. Some others are employed by hospitals and health systems. As for osteopaths, they work in the health system, including family practices, public hospitals, community clinics, and beyond.

How vigorous is residency and internship?

Chiropractors go through a one-year internship and are encouraged to do residencies. Osteopaths are required to do one of the most demanding residencies in the world – it must be at least three years, and many times at 80 hours a week in-hospital.

Who can prescribe medication?

While chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe medication, osteopaths have complete medical licenses and can prescribe medication whenever it is needed.

What are their general areas of expertise?

Chiropractors access the worlds of physical therapy, radiology, neurology, and general medicine. Osteopaths are full MDs who decided to focus on osteopathics.

When it comes to your back and your joints, turning to a chiropractor should always be your starting point. A chiropractor can provide you with incredible benefits without requiring you to pay as much. At Evansville Chiropractic, we work hard to help people live their lives to the fullest. If we have to refer them to other specialists, we do. No matter what, your interests always come first. Make an appointment and let us help you today!

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