Everyday Tips for Helping Your Back – Part 3

Habits hurt backs more than accidents do. Many people fail to realize this, and as a result, they continue doing things that are hard on their spines. Problems come about gradually, and they eventually find themselves unable to live life fully because their backs hurt so much. At Evansville Chiropractic, we specialize in returning people to full lives with world-class pain relief and care. We know what hurts backs the most, and we’ve been sharing some ways you can help yours out. In our last blog, we discussed the value of trying massage and strengthening your core muscles. Today, we want to talk about the one place many of us spend much of our lives: the office.

5. Get those ergonomics right! When you sit down, the discs in your lower spine take three times more of a load than when you stand up. As a result, sitting for a long time can give you a back condition or make a preexisting one worse. Additionally, we all tend to slouch over when we sit, which just makes the situation worse. The first thing to do is find a good office chair that supports your back. However, even if you find a great chair, you still need to get away from it. Every 20 to 30 minutes, stand up and stretch. if you have to talk on the phone, pace around. Your spine can’t stay healthy if it doesn’t move,  so give it the motion it needs.

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