Everyday Tips for Helping Your Back – Part 1

Your back does a lot for you. In fact, you cannot move without your spine being involved in some way. Your spine can take a lot of wear and tear, but if you take the time to care for it, you will stay pain-free and mobile much longer. A while back, we discussed everyday habits that can hurt your back, and today, we want to tell you what can be done to keep your back strong and happy.

1. Get good shoes

Your shoes are foundational – literally – to the health of your spine. They will either keep your spine aligned or put it in a position where it will get damaged over time. We recommend finding comfortable shoes that fit the back of your heels. These shoes will prevent your foot from rolling to the inside or outside. If you can’t find shoes that give you the right support, there are many inserts that will do the job.

2. Let your spine rest at night

When you sleep, it’s the only time your back has to rest and recover. You need a good mattress. Your needs are determined by your preference, back or neck pain, and sleeping position. Basically, if your mattress makes your back hurt, your back is telling you to get a new mattress. If you don’t, you risk permanently damaging your back.

When you take care of your back, you have a firm foundation for the rest of your body. Let our expert chiropractors help. Contact our Evansville office for an appointment today!

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