Motor Vehicle Accidents in Indiana

In 2014, 205,532 traffic collisions resulting in injury or property damage occurred in Indiana. This is a 6 percent increase from 2013 and a 9 % increase from 2011 when 188,000 motor vehicle accidents occurred. The rate of increase is higher each year. We have more vehicles on the road year over year. This trend does not appear to be slowing down and will probably increase.

Thus each one of us is more likely to be in an accident than ever before. It may not be your fault but the fault does not matter when you are the one injured.

Evaluation by a Healthcare Professional

Many individuals refuse to be transported to a hospital or physician’s office for evaluation. This is not a good idea. You may not feel the injury at the time of the accident but the next day the whiplash will become evident. The injury can include TMJ syndrome, concussion, low or mid or thoracic spine pain, headaches, and possibly numbness and tingling in the arms or legs.


Even at low speeds, whiplash may occur. The accident details are usually reported to the police. However, you should see a healthcare professional to document any possible injuries at the same time. If you have no current injuries but have had pain in the past, an accident may cause a relapse of an old condition.


Research data has proven that even if there is no damage to a vehicle involved in an accident, the occupants of the car more often than not will sustain injuries. Often the symptoms gradually occur days after the collision. The consequences may be devastating.

While we do not recommend obtaining an attorney if you are involved in an accident, many times this is the best course of action. By receiving treatment for any injuries when the accident occurs, you may be in a better position to reduce your pain as well as to have a well-documented case.

It is a delicate situation and the sooner you visit a healthcare professional the less likely you are to experience long-term consequences.

Steps to Follow After a Motor Vehicle Accident

We recommend the following steps to follow after an automobile accident:

  1. ALWAYS file an accident report with the local police
  2. Contact your car insurance company or agent to report the accident and to get educated about your automobile insurance benefits
  3. Consult a chiropractor that excels at working with patients involved in MVAs
  4. Consider hiring an attorney, especially if the insurance companies or other driver are uncooperative or if your injuries will likely require ongoing care. Your chiropractor will help with this assessment.

Integrated Physical Medicine is experienced at handling all aspects of injury related to motor vehicle accidents. Spine Universe reports that chiropractic therapies are proven to help patients who have experienced whiplash. The doctors at Integrated Physical Medicine are experienced in helping patients who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident.

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