Personal Attention with a Caring Attitude

“Chiropractic care has helped decrease the number of migraines I experience, and it has alleviated the pain I have from old cheerleading injuries. I feel so much better because I have periodic adjustments and alignments. Dr. Mitz is an experienced professional who gives personal attention with a caring attitude that is genuine. I completely trust […]

Relief from Severe Pain without Drugs

“Chiropractic care has provided me more movement and relieved pain, sometimes severe pain, without having to rely on prescription drugs. It gives me the ability to be active instead of not doing some of the things I enjoy. They give me several types of treatment, whether it be massage, therapy, or manipulation of my body. […]

“…you have to try it to believe it.”

“Chiropractic care has given me hope, patience, and grace to carry my walking disability with dignity and positive attitude for 40 years. I have been so blessed with top-notch care! Dr. Eric knows exactly what treatments work in my unique situation of paralysis of the right side of my body. I often tell my friends, […]

Becca Scott

When I began working on my master’s degree a couple of years ago, I developed significant pain in my upper back and right shoulder. Turns out, it was a result of all that increased time with my computer (using my mouse), as well as a crummy desk chair at home. I also had some hip […]

Debbie Barth

I endured six months of pain due to misdiagnosis. I had multiple x-rays, and was treated for everything including shingles, pleurisy, and fibromyalgia with no relief from constant back pain. By chance, I was referred to Dr. Mitz. Within the first few minutes of my exam I was diagnosed with a displaced rib. I now […]

Elizabeth Fortier

I highly recommend Dr. Mitz. I’ve been seeing him for several months now and my back definitely feels much better. He is very caring with a big heart and a gentle soul. He’s the type of guy you’d want as your best friend.

Amazing Care!

I used to have my lower back lock up frequently… now, after visiting Dr. Mitz, it’s a rare occasion. I saw several chiropractors for this problem and Integrated Physical Medicine staff is by far the most thorough and willing to go the extra mile! They want to find the source of your problems and correct […]

Dr. Mitz Has What It Takes

I have comfort knowing that when a problem arises, there is a quick & effective solution. Integrated Physical Medicine staff is always very friendly and they provide quick service. You have to give Dr. Mitz and Integrated Physical Medicine a try! They have what it takes to make a difference in your daily life! – […]

Standing Up Straight!

I was in a terrible car accident and when I came to Dr. Mitz, I was bent over, crooked, and dragging my leg. I could barely look up and was in so much pain, I was in tears. After several months of Dr. Mitz’s great chiropractic care, I can now stand up straight! Very rarely […]

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