Becca Scott

When I began working on my master’s degree a couple of years ago, I developed significant pain in my upper back and right shoulder.

Turns out, it was a result of all that increased time with my computer (using my mouse), as well as a crummy desk chair at home.

I also had some hip disalignment…also likely from poor sitting posture.

I was raised to be a bit skeptical of the chiropractic field in general, but I’d heard good things about Dr. Mitz, so I went to see him. (I was desperate, and in significant pain.)

I experienced great care…. from careful listening during the assessment, to careful yet competent handling during my adjustments. I have to say that I liked Dr. Mitz’s staff just as well, as I had several tissue massage and physical therapy appointments after that, along with other adjustments.

I took his advise regarding some stretching, chair selection, and began hot yoga. I’ve felt great since…although I’m starting to have some back pain in my first pregnancy! May be heading back in… :-)

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