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60 Minutes On “Is Sugar Toxic?”

There is a great quick read over at the “60 Minutes” website that is titled “Is Sugar Toxic“.

Some of the more interesting points from the article:

  1. Even though high fructose corn syrup has been recently linked to several diseases.
  2. There is metabolically no difference between HFCS and regular old table sugar or sucrose.

In other words, if we replaced the HFCS with sucrose you would only be paying more for the exact same ill-health consequences.

We’ll have to dig deeper on this one.

From the story:

What happens is that the liver gets overloaded with fructose [from HFCS] and converts some of it into fat, which gets into the bloodstream to create ‘small dense LDL,’ the kind of LDL that forms plaque in arteries. The irony here is that for precisely that reason – avoiding heart disease – a government commission in the 1970s mandated that we lower our fat consumption. “When you take the fat out of food, it tastes like cardboard,” says Dr. Lustig. “And the food industry knew that, so they replaced it with sugar…and guess what? Heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and death are skyrocketing.”

This sounds like the exact same consequences that Dr. Atkins was trumpeting when these government dietary guidelines were developed.

Bottom Line: We should all be eating less sugar — the less the better.

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