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What Is Integrated Physical Medicine?

Many of our chiropractic patients ask us, “Exactly what is integrated physical medicine and how is it different from other methods of chiropractic care?”

Integrated Physical Medicine goes beyond treating symptoms of injury or disease.

It focuses on healing the whole person to reach the best possible outcomes for each unique patient’s rehabilitation and ongoing health.

Our personalized approach to chiropractic care focuses on our patients’ unique circumstances to provide the best possible long-term results. While traditional chiropractic care focuses on the elimination of pain and other symptoms, we utilize a variety of strategies to help patients achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness throughout their lifetime.

Is Integrated Medicine The Same As Alternative Medicine?

No, integrated medicine and alternative medicine are not the same. Integrated physical medicine uses a holistic approach to provide the most effective scientific therapies to heal the body. On the other hand, alternative medicine approaches healing through non-conventional methods.

Defining Characteristics of Integrated Physical Medicine

There are several characteristics of integrated physical medicine that make it a unique and effective approach to chiropractic care. We incorporate all of these principles when developing our personalized strategies for the care of each of our patients.

  1. All factors related to health, disease, injury, lifestyle, and patient history are taken into account when formulating a treatment plan.
  2. The patient and physician work in partnership to build and implement a full strategy for care.
  3. The most natural and non-invasive strategies are utilized as the first course of action whenever possible.
  4. Treatment strategies are built with long-term wellness in mind to prevent future pain, injury, and disease.
  5. Think beyond symptom management to identify and address the underlying causes of injury and disease.
  6. Practitioners use a wide variety of contemporary and well-researched treatment methods from multiple medical disciplines.

Integrated Physical Medicine Goes Beyond Symptom Management

Integrated physical medicine goes beyond traditional chiropractic treatments to resolve the most immediate concerns. After addressing current health issues, minimizing the risk of recurring symptoms and preventing injury and disease is the next focus of integrated medicine. Once these needs are addressed, we discuss ongoing strategies for effective self-care and healthy lifestyle behaviors to provide the knowledge and skills for a lifetime of wellbeing.

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