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Trustworthy Acupuncture in Evansville, IN

If you’re looking for Acupuncture in Evansville, IN then Dr. Mitz and his team are ready to serve you! We are highly trained in pain relief treatments and offer the best Evansville chiropractic services available. About 85% of the population will struggle with back pain at some point. Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments are often considered the best way to relieve back pain or neck pain. We will begin your appointment by taking a thorough medical history as well as a comprehensive orthopedic and neurological exam before we make any sort of diagnosis. A thorough diagnosis may also require further testing, we may suggest that you see a specialist if the root problem seems complex.

Evansville Chiropractic care is ideal for patients who want to treat their problems in a safe, natural manner that does not force them to take excessive medication to find relief from their symptoms. Our treatment methods are holistic and we offer a full range of natural procedures including acupuncture in Evansville, IN. We also have a complete physical therapy department on staff including a physiologist and craniosacral therapist.

Evansville chiropractic is dedicated to helping you live a lifetime of vitality and wellness. We are proud to offer our patients the best services available. We are connected with a network of medical professionals including neurosurgical programs, pain management specialists, and internal medicine specialists. No matter what your health concern is, we are happy to help you find the best solution for your lifestyle. Contact Us Today to being living a healthy, pain free lifestyle!

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