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Auto Accidents (MVA) and Chiropractic

Within Indiana in 2011, there were over 188,000 motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) resulting in injury or damage to property. [1] As an auto-accident chiropractor in Evansville, IN., Dr. Eric Mitz sees a significant number of suffering MVA patients; whether referred by their lawyer, doctor, family member or friend, Dr. Mitz and his staff can help […]

Evansville Chiropractors at Integrated Physical Medicine

Have you been looking for a new Chiropractor? Look no further than Integrated Physical Medicine for Evansville Chiropractors. Dr. Eric Mitz heads Integrated Physical Medicine, he has 15 years of experience in chiropractic care and holistic medicine. If you or a loved one are experiencing pain in your joints, migraine headaches, TMJ pain, or another […]

Holistic pain management from an Evansville Chiropractor

Have you been experiencing chronic back or neck pain, migraines, PMS, menstrual pain, or hypertension? Are you looking for a solution outside a cabinet full of pills? A chiropractor can help you. Chiropractic care is holistic, it focuses balancing the body and relieving pain at the source. If you seek a more complete and less […]

The Most Important Vitamin D Research of 2012

To say I am a vocal supporter of Vitamin D therapy would be an understatement. I have previously posted articles about my vitamin D dosage recommendations, as well as a review of the government’s Vitamin D recommendations. This article, reprinted with permission from the Orthomolecular News Service, stands as a worthwhile read for anybody interested in […]

New Video Explains Chiropractic

The Evansville chiropractors at Integrated Physical Medicine encourage you to view this video, especially if you are considering seeing a chiropractor for the first time. It does a nice job of presenting what generally occurs in a chiropractor’s office.

Pregnancy & Chiropractic

At the Integrated Physical Medicine in Evansville, Indiana you can find care designed just for pregnancy. The pregnancy-specific form of chiropractic care that Dr. Mitz utilizes can do four important things for you: lower the risk of premature births provide pregnancy back and abdomen pain relief decrease the pain experienced during labor and delivery shorten the labor and […]

Dr. Eric Mitz- Evansville Chiropractor

Dr. Eric Mitz with Integrated Physical Medicine is your trusted Evansville Chiropractor. He is the best chiropractor in Evansville. After Dr. Eric Mitz’s first day at Integrated Physical Medicine, he knew this was the career path for him! He has a B.S. degree in human biology with a minor in Philosophy/Religious Studies. He received his Chiropractic Doctorate […]

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