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Safe & Reliable Acupuncture in Evansville, IN

Acupuncture in Evansville, IN follows the noble history of acupuncture which can be traced back to ancient China. Some historians have found evidence that traces acupuncture back four thousand years in China’s history. Acupuncture in Evansville, IN is often considered to be new or strange compared to traditional western medicine, but it actually has a […]

Best Acupuncture Evansville IN

Acupuncture in Evansville, IN treats a wide range of ailments, injuries and illness. By using pinpoint needles in a very specific manner we are able to promote healing; from morning sickness to allergies to digestive issues to stress management, virtually everything can be treated from the practice. Call Integrated Physical Medicine today to book and […]

Acupuncture Evansville IN: Dr. Eric Mitz

Acupuncture in Evansville is an important part of our practice at Integrated Physical Medicine. By trigger the body; we are able to promote healing and provide real solutions to a long list of ailments, illness and injuries. Call today to learn more about the practice and what it can do for you.

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