Evansville Chiropractors Who Care About People

When you’re looking for Evansville Chiropractors, you’re looking for practitioners who possess a sense of deep caring for people. Dr. Eric Mitz believes in getting to know you personally. He believes in developing relationships with his patients. He noted, “On a daily basis dozens of people enter my office, most in pain. I love seeing them leave with a smile and feeling so much better. I enjoy the variety of my practice. On any given day, I will treat children and the elderly, professional and college athletes as well as homemakers – people from all walks of life with many various issues. I especially am gratified when I see patients who have literally been everywhere else, including to other chiropractors, and finally get results working with us. Most of my patients are so impressed with the care they receive that they refer their friends and family for help with their health issues. This is the highest compliment any professional can receive.”

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